Opium Bed (edited)

Darkness a cloak so sheer
Rich and smooth like a lie
Hides your wildest fears
Your wishes come alive

Come join me in this feast
Let your blood and join in the fun
Worship the Horned One
Of Cernunnos and The Great Hunt

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Sure and Stedfast (Hebrews 6:19 KJV)

In the course of your years of mortality, I believe, at some point in time, people do come across the proverbial crossroads in their lives. Be it a little girl, who’s standing at a shop, deciding what type of sweets she should get with her last fifty cents, the humdinger or the mints, or the 18-year old hormonally charged punk deciding which girl he likes best, or the 21yr old female graduate deciding whether to work after university or to continue the pursuit of academic qualifications. I could ramble on and on with more instances and examples, but you get my idea.

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Whispers of A Blue Moon

A full moon stands above its seat
Casting its silvery gleam all around
And I sat by the sea with the Orion Belt
Above my head, the waves gently lapped and fade’d

The stars twinkled endlessly
As if to show they sympathise wiht me
For I am all alone, neither kith nor kin
Out here in this gray wilderness

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Everyone here please welcome this soul to this gathering, to this coven of poets and all alike minds. For he is but an Initiate I believe. Am I right? But he shows bright promise though, may he spread the Wyrd throughout the kingdom like a beacon in the darkness, sparking creativity where there is none. Welcome to our world XY. May you earn your name through your works.

And for the hors d’oevure, I present to you, Solitude….

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Le Masquerade

Procession of motorcade flows through the streets
The rain like a curtain hangs upon the scene
As if dying was a shameful deed

Faces hidden behind glided masks in glee
Celebration of Death a la masquerade
Morbid dance of life after the dead

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Ascendo Tuum

My dear, have I ever tell you how nonplussed I am by 2 things?

Firstly, by how bureaucratic behemoth organizations work, like some gigantic clockwork bugs running slowly and surely. An epitome of it would be the crown jewel of Singapore’s tertiary institution, the Old Lady of the West, walking on crutches that are about to snap under the challenge of Earth’s gravity, a constant fight to see who would win.

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Fire fire burning bright

Sometimes, you just feel like burning right? And I don’t mean you burning something. I mean burning people. For the sake of my dear readers, I shall kindly refrain from exercising my skill in profanities on these people that deserved them, and spare them from the napalm that is about to spit out of my orifice.

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