Black and White

The heart is silent
A dead organ, quietly doing its job
Pumping blood all over

The keys lie untouched
White becomes gray juxtaposed
Against the black

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Ma Cherie

How I wished I could call her ma cherie
The apple of my eye oh how sweet that is!
Her lying there among the soft gossamer lounge
Looking ever so peaceful and lovely

The beauty of the sunset pales in comparison
Blooming flowers metamorph into weeds in Eden
Her aura ever so addictive
Let Venus be the judge!

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Letter #19

I always have a penchant for having random thoughts whenever I am walking from one point to another. Take for instance yesterday. As I was making my slow way to work in the sultry afternoon, I had a sudden inclination to write down some insidious thoughts that had crept into the chambers of my mind. It would look very foolish to the commonfolk, but as I was without my parchments and scribe,I could do little except to imprint its image upon the frame of my mind as hard as possible and once I reach a place with the appropriate writing materials, I could at least hope to put my thoughts into writing. But, for some reason or another, it all slipped my mind and I couldn’t remember a single bit of what I was thinking. That kind of feeling is absolutely dreary as you pondered whether you might have lost a gem that was in the making. You never know. I shall strive to put some pens and paper with me at least most of the times.

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Letter #18

-edited away for hygenic purposes-What I see on the streets are only the latest fashion from Taiwan or from the U.S of A. I see people mimicking their idols, we see people mimicking television series. Perhaps that might explain the proliferation of flared mini-skirts that I see around nowadays. I see people frolicking in their own naive joys of taking photo-stickers. Continue reading

Letter #17

Dear Reader,

As I was walking in the early wee hours this morning, when the tranquility of the atmosphere hit me like a brick thrown squarely in the face. I had seldom felt such calmness. It was as if the sea was beside me, and I could hear the waves soothing my perplexed senses. A sense of calm had washed over me, and I felt detached from the world. It was akin to an out of body experience, except that technically, I wasn’t out of my body.

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Suicidal Hell

Loneliness claws at my heart
Like an ill-gotten wrench
Of the seedy taverns beyond
Tugging at your purse strings

Tears leave my eyes
As I think about what was not
Drive them away the images of deceit!
Easier said then done

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A stony stare into space
Dark depths of the void awaits
A happy release from the
Palpable sorrow of the chains of mortality

Except for a motion barely perceptible
Trying to change the course
Break the chains of fate
With a miniscule knife

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