Ascendo Tuum

My dear, have I ever tell you how nonplussed I am by 2 things?

Firstly, by how bureaucratic behemoth organizations work, like some gigantic clockwork bugs running slowly and surely. An epitome of it would be the crown jewel of Singapore’s tertiary institution, the Old Lady of the West, walking on crutches that are about to snap under the challenge of Earth’s gravity, a constant fight to see who would win.

There are countless fine examples that I could dish out of how the small little chugs roll to make the huge thing work, and that if need be, by just throwing a small little tomato into the teeth, it would effortlessly be stopped right in its heels. Just ask any disciple of the Old Lady, and what happens during the birth of each new term. Orderly chaos always ensue, with query after query being thrown up to the head, but never reaching it because Gravity make sures it falls back down again. Tapes of different colour make sure that your query or action never takes too fast, for it has to travel a maze worst than Singapore’s road signs directing you to turn left, turn right, U-turn, turn left on red, turn left on green or stop. Perhaps we could venture to say that my Old Lady is a constituent of Great Granpops? Ah, I see you nodding ferociously, at least you do understand what I am ranting about.

Secondly, it irks me to see people discussing about goth online. Where to get goth stuff. This and that. Those small mundane things that I cant’ be bothered about. Not that I have never made such fatal errors, for I have sinned and confessed that I once was an erroneous fool. A fool that is just beginning in his magickal journey, like The Fool in the Tarots. However, I have proceeded on. found my goal and those fools have not. Making such a big hooha about it is very demeaning, and I personally find it very insulting. Use your own means and ways to do it, and if I find commercialization of it, I shall personally send Luther to harrass you. Will you not Luther?

And now, for the grand finale. The tragedy of this generation. The rape of all things. Against thy will. Take a look at this. I actually found these two mistakes of the world being merged together! Ah, the wrath that consumes my being has no measure. No measure at all. It wounds my heart, stabs right deep into it. And I see the blood squirting, major arteries severed. ASPIRE. Don’t reach out for things that your short stubby hands can’t reach for at all. As it goes, “Ascendo Tuum.” For those who lies in ignorance of what this Latin phrase means, just ask and I’ll give. Alternatively, my dear, you can google it.

Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Heal my soul with your pleasurable lilting tones.

Ave Maria.

Yours truly



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