Give that man a beer

It has been a long time since I’ve spent time catching up with the black tube but recently, something on the tube caught my eye. There was this tremendously CGXed Tiger Beer ad I saw. It featured two Caucasian males on a beach. But specifically what caught my eye was that both Caucasians were straining to conjure bottles and cartons of Tiger beer out of the sand. Picture this: a Caucasian sitting on a sundeck, his fingers are pointed at his temples as if he’s David Blaine. All of a sudden, a bottle of Tiger popped up from the sand. As he grabs the Tiger, he grinned at his partner in satisfaction.

Heroes, I thought to myself. The ad agency seems to be playing on the theme of Heroes, the show that has captured audiences worldwide (who could possibly not adore Hiro’s “Yatta!” in the middle of New York City?). The soft focus of the camera and soft lighting gave the commercial a filmic look, further concretizing its “Heroes” status. This is also reinforced by the conjuration of Tigers from the beach, emphasizing the power of the mind?

However, the consistency stopped there. I was flummoxed when the commercial ended with Tiger’s tagline, “Enjoy Winning.” Which part of the commercial was about winning? The rivalry between the two fellows a la The Prestige? Or is “winning” supposed to be analagous to Tiger beer? Enjoy winning = enjoy Tiger beer? Seriously, I thought it was more about the power of the imagination given the heavy emphasis on conjuration.

Nevertheless, I was fairly amused by it. Tiger, the winning imagination.


belittled words

“A word after a word after a word is power”—-Margaret Atwood

But what happens when you remove words? What is left after words? What comes before words?

Are you powerless? Silenced? Othered?

Cosmonaut (work-in-progress)

Two bodies touched

two boats drawn up

beside each other, abreast

as one waves to another,





You would never have guessed that

In those two boats sit two

with the entire cosmos conjured

between them as

two bodies together

Yet two hearts

_______________worlds apart

La Lettre 2

For dears,

As a reactionary gesture and to console myself that I have actually done something on my weblog, I change the theme of it.

From a white outlook to a black outlook. From a pseudo Hemingway-theme (someone had said that it was not user-friendly but wasn’t that the whole point of it?) to entice literary wannabes to …I don’t know what I’m using now (you might want to scroll down to the bottom of this page to see).

Which one looks better, dear reader? A poll, a vote, sms in your thoughts. After all, it is rage now isn’t it? Involve the reader in the process to create “ownership.”

Maybe I should have a vote. Really. I’ll involve you in a process that outwardly looks beneficial and entertaining but inwardly, it retards your neurons while gaining me big moolah.

One man, one vote. The culture industry is now democratised!

Three cheers for democracy!

The appearance of a choice is really mollifying, isn’t it. Give an angry man some money and he’ll surely want more. Give him the appearance of choice and he’ll be domesticated for life. No more subsidies. Perhaps Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono should have done that. Subsidies, fuel or otherwise, are touchy issues. Haven’t we learnt that everybody wants to be somebody? By giving them choice, you empower the person to a certain degree. S/he is now a recognized individual. Rejoice for the TV station now recognises my existence!

So spoilt for choice. I choose what time I want to open my eyes. I choose when I want to have my breakfast, be it 11pm or 3pm. Should I run today or should I take a swim? It is not an easy life being unemployed.