a man sheds tears

Crying. It is seen as a social stigma to cry, especially for the male humanoid species. Because crying is seen as weak. Because the society’s perception is that revealing emotions, being emotional, is weak.

But a man cries too. A man sheds tears too. After all, he is no different. The only difference is just that they chose to encase themselves in shells, a hard covering for a soft center. And just how deep can the soft center be found, it depends on different individuals.

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Owner is looking for a heart. Missing on the 29th of March. Roughly around 9p.m Singapore time. Last seen in Shaw Towers Cinema. It is slightly bigger than a fist and is purplish in colour. If anyone has seen it, please reply to this post immediately. Any successful help would be greatly appreciated. Suggestions to alleviate the loss is also welcomed.

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a letter from thailand

Hi my dear friends, I am back. Back from my hiatus of poring over texts, of labouring over financial issues, of pondering over matters that are way beyond my control. Back from my paradise, back into the cruel and cold world.

For this past nine days that I have been gone from this sunny little island, I have never regret a single moment of it. To describe it day by day, minute by minute of what I have done would simply be doing an injustice to the overall beauty of the land, the beauty of the experience, and the beauty of the company that I have been in. Even if they were to do justice to it, I fear it would be too monotonous for you, making this tomes of mine into another “every day every minute” kind of blog. Those kind of tomes that I cannot stand, those kind that tries to act what they are not.

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The Road

A road afar
Just beyond the touches
Of the horizon
At times
Long and sharp,
Full of potholes no less
At othertimes
Smooth and easy
Just a long road
With a good view
A road that I chose
To walk with her
Her laughter and smiles
Making the road
Seems less sharp and long
Her company
Making the smooth and easy times
Feel like heaven
Though how’evr short it was
She, a miraculous angel indeed!

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Just Because *edited*

Because you are here, that is why I do not feel tired.

Because you are here, I feel that I’m capable enough of anything.

Because you are here, even the insurmountable odds seem surmountable. The odd hand of cards doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

The sky even seems brighter, as though you were the sun. And me the earth, lighting up every corner of me, driving away the darkness and despair.

Because you are here. Right beside me.

That is why.

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The fear of failure. As far as possible, predominant in Asians. Particularly of the Generation X.

The fear of failure. Is that why we mortals do not dare to hope for too much? Is that why we do not dare to spread our wings and soar? Why not be Icarus for a moment? Icarus, but not as reckless or brainless as him.

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Trust. What a simple five-lettered word.

“Trust me.” Short and sweet.

But when I looked up, the sky was falling on me…

But what the heck, I’ll trust you all the same.

Even if the world is falling around me…even if I’m falling down…

All because of a four-lettered word.

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