Of girls and tea

Ephemeral is the steam rising from a cup of hot tea, going to where my eyes cannot follow.

It rushes into a nothingness as far as my senses can perceive, like the fleeting beauty of a girl I met on the bus today. She was all the more beautiful, radiant, because I know she will alight at a bus stop and her existence, winked out immediately. She was also the girl I met the day before, the day before yesterday, today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. On a bus, on a plane, in a foreign airport, for a drink, for a date, for a while, for a relationship, for a dream of a relationship, for a nightmare of a relationship. She is the girl for good, the girl for bad, the girl for everything. Thinking further, I think she is the girl in me, the boy in me, and also me, while at the same time she is not. Would it be that she is who I want to be if I was a girl? It’s slightly disturbing but maybe not. Still, she is the girl of girls, the beauty of beauty, an existence to be stamped out and relighted, relighted and stamped out throughout time. She’ll die many deaths and live many lives throughout Time. After I die, she would live on in others’ eyes.

When the bus arrives at my destination, I would have forgotten about her, just like how I forgotten about where tea goes to as steam when I finish my pot of tea. I would like to think that the steam is another side of tea, the side which I’m not normally acquainted with as I can’t drink it, can’t grasp it, can’t taste it, going somewhere else. It could be nowhere else too, since I think it’s a place beyond my senses.

Yet there are reminders as each morning I repeat to make a pot of tea, to take a bus to work.

On another bus on another day, I would see another girl and think about how ephemeral her beauty is, how fleeting the pretty.

Ephemeral the steam
from a cup of hot tea
going to where the eyes cannot.

Fleeting the beauty
of a lady passenger on a bus
heading to where I am not

Repetitive life is
looped thoughts are
when you cannot detect it.


And so he realised too late, too late, the crow beckons and everything is in vain, in vain!

But alas! In the two hundred and eighty-seventh year of his Continuation, he realised that everything up to that point had been in vain.

What were those sacrifices for if not a better life for everyone? All those sacrifices, down the drain because in the end, no one remained.

Crowned a Lord, a King, a ruler of state but no state to rule over. Called a father but no children to parent. A husband but no wife, a son but no father. A life. No meaning.

Where does he seek meaning then, the stateless ruler wondered, standing among other kings like himself.

Kings without states, fathers without children, husbands without wives, wives without husbands, sons without fathers. Lives without.

Meandering without meaning.

Nothing to say today

Nothing to say today
I poured myself a cup of boiling water
And soaked a bag of green tea in it
While my hair dries, imagining bokeh effects
Lighting up my surroundings.

Nothing to say today
I made myself another cup of green tea
Surfed my Facebook, found a funny statement
Shared it with my friends
Hoping that they’ll read it.