Dirge for a Muse

A tally sheet of flaws
Lying around the dormant house
And the fan spins that idly

With every minute that second hand creeps
Dashing in for first
Who could believe what was said?

Unanswered calls, irregular visits
I see no face-to-face meets
A persona brooking on the cusp of death

Every second earns you a tick
In my tally sheet of flaws
With every minute that second hand creeps

Puts you nearer to the bin

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The heavens did a splendid mess of the sky last night
and all we could do was to watch blindly
reading not watching.

(c) Picture by Imran, Singapore National Day Parade 2006
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I have not always been good at fitting what I write into structures; but nevertheless this is one attempt at it. As you can see, it is still quite messed up and random.

Untitled (of course I have a title already, I just am not going to give it to you yet!)

Lying by the road with whom shall we plead
When we are discarded out of their sight
And back into Nature’s womb we slowly bleed

As the cars drive by the unspoken creed
We the people cradled by the blight
Lying by the road with whom shall we plead

Squirmed and wormed the infirm and breed
And back into Nature’s womb we slowly bleed

The crowds in motion unforgivingly brief
Yet who should we plead with

Like a tattered tapestry in a fight
That which they spew out in we breathe

Sure and stedfast our unspoken beliefs
The ministry for the homeless or
Yet who should we plead with
Do you want to be safe?

With whom shall we the disregarded plead
When we are projected out of sight and mind
And into Mother Nature’s womb back we bleed

Going back into the abyss we the untouchables
Sure and stedfast our unspoken beliefs
Clinging on that silvery web of hope

Disenfranchised seems to be
The word on everybody’s lips
Yet with who shall we the disregarded plead

A bricolage of modern art
We walk the creed yet you would not feed
That which they spew out in we eat

Borders 20% Voucher & Kino Member Discounts

For all the book lovers out there, don’t we adore Borders for their continual discounts. Again, do note the validity date and as usual, all the unspoken rules apply.

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I sat in the darkness. Stares.

Thousands of cathodes beneath it? Stars.

There’s nothing much to do here today, as if there’s much to do on any other day for that matter. I just sit in the same spot, within the confines of my room and stare.

At the screen.

Look, the numbers are jumping. Oh boy, what fun.

That’s what they call the progress bar isn’t it? That transparent rectangular box that’s always being filled with green.

Look at how fast it is progressing!

28% completed. Downloaded 1.01GB

Is that a lot of information?

I think so. Quite a lot for one to handle isn’t it?

I can handle TB without any worries.

Are you that sure?

Pretty much. My progress bar is still blank now. Pump me up with those green goblins.

I sure am pretty confident of myself today. The fan is still whirring you know? Temperature seems to be a little too high for its liking, not that it likes being hot.


Don’t question me, you ‘tard. It’s how it works.

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Autobots & Decepticons: Transforming Boundaries

In light of Cowboy Caleb’s post about Transformers (2007) , and also being the topic for many of my conversations with other friends, I decided to take a look at their trailers at their official website. Notwithstanding their insipid robots (which Cowboy has noted that they looked like Lego’s Bionicle sets), I found that the release date of the movie was chilling, to say the least. At this stage, let me state that this is not a critique of the film’s content or whatsoever. Rather, I am more concerned with the performative element of the film as media.

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in a fit of anger the sky ranted at me
as i pointed towards it with my little finger
and asked, why must i study?

why do you eat then, blasted the angry sky
mollified as he was by me
standing sheepishly in the rain

well, i deliberated, because i like to eat
and i have to do it
if not i’ll die

then do you not study
so you could earn a living and
eat the food you want? the sky retorted

no. if i don’t study, others would
help me make a living and i
can eat all i want.

it just rained heavier on me, sadly.

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