Caught in Between

Ears muffled the head bent in thought
Music plays gently from within
Soothing tones of Overture
Calming chaomile to fraye nerves
Lingering ever so slightly
On the tenterhooks of insanity

Lost in his paperweight world
Turn it over on its bot’m
Where it always snows and all is bright
The sun n’vr sets and ecstasy is
Always the soup ‘o day

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Darkness hath all but engulfed thee
Wherefore art thou, my shining light?
Hast thou abandon thee
In favour of yonder greener pastures
Or ‘n search of a smoother ship
Ups and downs thy journey fraught
Gifts and apologies came to naught

Weep doth the heart now
A more sinister organ never before found
Shed its tears of blood within it smother’d doth a love newfound
Streaked across the parchments of old
Left to the laity decreeding so and so
Never again let the heart frown

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Greetings my dear readers. How have you been these past few days? Well, I hope. Pardon my brief hiatus, for a promise was made that I shalt not step upon these tomes whilst the war was upon us. Or at least, till the Fifth Day of the week. And I have fulfilled it. Till the strike of 12, the promise shalt be considered null and void. And I would have discharged this obligation.

And the war, praise thee, is but almost over. My Beloved Lady, I do pray that she is doing well, for long has the day passed that we have laid eyes upon each other. The lass, the one shining light in this dark world of mine. For all the time that Lady Luck has turned her back upon me, snobbing my kind, Fate has took pity on me and embraced me. And so I am blessed, to have her as my Beloved.

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There seems to be more and more problems with Blogger nowadays. Some things just refuse to load, or my archives would load slowly more than usual and my counter refused to load What is happening? Methinks tis time to switch to another site. Liquidblade always looks quite enticing, but the ability to handle WordPress is but still beyond me.

Blogging. Has it become another fad? Day by day, one seems more and more teenagers, uncles, aunties and scum of the society setting up blogs. Scum of the society. It utterly disgusts me to chance upon their blogs, by no means of coincidence or so. There are still some people out there who I would give a chance just to have their heads take a little hiatus from their necks.

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Incommunicado. adj, adv.

Sometimes the world is too confusing. And perhaps, out of cowardice, this is the path I have chosen. For now. Till the very end.

Your servant

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Personas. Do we not all exist beneath a mask? Do we not all hide behind this masquerade of life? Each one wears his own mask, glossing over the true personality of the person. To different people, you present different versions of the Self. To your family, the soft and docile child, willing to study law, to your friends, perhaps you are the frivolous one, the pseudo-rebel. Or the one with the most diabolical ideas. But do you really know yourself, my dear reader?

Have you ever really considered who you are? Are you doing what you want to do instead of following the pull of the puppeteer above? Dancing along to every jerk of the string. Follow your own heart and do what you desire, for society is but a useless machination for the rich and powerful. Whatever they want, they will point you in that direction.

We are all just pawns.

Your servant

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A sense of disquiet
Looms over the feeble heart
In its troubles mired
Deep, unlike the bard
Who sits yonder corner
Playing a tune of merriment
That sings of two lov’r
In a sweaty Entwinement

P.S.: That is all for now. Before I turn to Sleep, a necessity which is even denied to me, like a lost soul in the desert questing for the water, or the Journeyman questing for the Holy Grail. I too, seek after Sleep, which has become a luxury.

Esto Perpetua…

Your servant

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