Last Secret Garden

Hello my dear readers. My profuse thanks for all the comments that you have left here. How has everyone been doing? One does hope that you have had a splendid Christmas, what with the exchanging of presents? and the imbibing of the innocuous liquids they call alcohol. Are you going to do the same for New Year’s Eve? It will be much more rowdy and happening, I assure you. Somehow the word “happening” coming out here gives a very wrong feeling, but eh bien…

Now now, it seems like all I have been doing recently is apologising for the lack of posts. Sad, but true.

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Poet of the Week

Pardon the lack of updates my dears. The nocturnal persona of mine has just resurfaced recently. And now, I have to work most nights. As a bartender of course, and sometimes as a waiter. Where else can you indulge in excesses and get paid for it? Where else can you meet such interesting humans, be it irritating or friendly? Where else do you get tips that comes up to more than your pay sometimes?

All at my workplace. Free drinks and a familial atmosphere. Almost like my second family, I dare say.

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The Price of Everything

When one lives as long as one should, one tends to learn many valuable lessons in life.

For unlike the horse or the bee, where within the first hour, a foal can already stand and the bee can already fly once it chews its way out of the cell. But a human does not. It is incapable of conveying coherent thought to the rest except through babble. And it is not equipped with the instincts for survival at all. It has to learn its lessons the hard way. Slow and steady. Taking twelve to fourteen years to reach maturity.

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Seven Corpses

You know something my dear readers?

The dream came again.

Although the vestiges of it evaporated like the morning mist in the sun, I am sure that it was the same one that had been plaguing me for months. There was a certain familiarity to it, as if one could recognise his dreams. Pwah.

It’s always been that one. The one where I’m always running, like an neverending commerical. But with more serious consequences. First in a military installation and then I will end up in an airport.

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Death Be Not Proud

Just not too many days ago, a young lady of many talents perhaps, took an earlier step towards eternal sleep. She wasn’t related to him in any way. He never came across her tomes, never read what she had written, or even talked to her before.

They were just that, two strangers in a small little island spanning over 40 kilometres. Perhaps unwittingly, they had passed by each other before. On the bus, in the streets, in the malls or maybe in the clubs. Who knows? Maybe it was just a casual brush or a apolegetic nod for bumping into one another. Maybe it was just a disinterested glance by either party, taking note of his or her surroundings like any other day. Seeing who’s who and tagging a self-imagined story to the face.

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Sorry for the agony on your eyes earlier on, dear readers. It was a terrible mess to be sure. But the revamp’s done and now, it looks much neater than before. Just in time for a new beginning to be sure. Some little things still need to be tweaked here and there, but one can’t convey to you the AGONY of fitting the code for both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Needless to say, I would view the partially completed HTML through Firefox first. And later, when it’s almost done, throught IE. What makes one steam is that it looks COMPLETELY different in IE and Firefox. IE doesn’t render HTML as well as Firefox. Generally, trying to make it compatible in both browsers almost drove me nuts.

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