Everyone here please welcome this soul to this gathering, to this coven of poets and all alike minds. For he is but an Initiate I believe. Am I right? But he shows bright promise though, may he spread the Wyrd throughout the kingdom like a beacon in the darkness, sparking creativity where there is none. Welcome to our world XY. May you earn your name through your works.

And for the hors d’oevure, I present to you, Solitude….

Alone I came with pain and tears
Nought the excesses of the world
I looked around and found fools for friends
A gay merriment from day to end

Temporary camaraderie
Moments of mirth
A carnival of festive fun
Till the orange set

A blink of an eye
They took their leave
a sudden vanish
as shadow to sun

Alone I was once again
The twilight beckoned
with stars for companions
and the moon as my bride

These gifts I did reject
hoping for a human touch
a warmth I had once felt
An inkling of what had past

All I found was solitude
A chill so cold it froze my heart
My own two arms were all i had
The world from afar just stood and stared

My screams soundless to the unfeeling
I asked aggrieved
for help for a hand
for some reprieve

All i had were my pain and tears
Nought the excesses of the world

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