He’s back…I’m back

And he slipped back in, undetected from the sentinels of the day, welcomed by the keepers of the night. Too many things had held him back from what was to be done, too many red herrings lying in his path. He had to settle them one by one, banish the ghosts of his horrors forever and setting those dear to eternal rest…

Apologies to the rest? He did not think so…Those of good faith would have stand by his stead and those impure banished. No apologies needed…However thanks need to be given to those who had dropped by with none but soothing words. May

But now, he was ready once more. Ready to go in and try his luck once more. No matter how battered he will be, he vowed never to stop trying unless he’s dead.

To cut the long story short, he’s back.

I’m back.