「Freefall of Memories」

The moment I stepped out of the train, I could imagine the smell hitting my senses again, the noxious yet familiar smell that was signature to this area. I have never figured out the origins of the smell, something that borders along the line of coffee with hot chocolate, yet it was too sharp to be so.

But apparently, the smell was now gone. Replaced by something else, something foreign. Maybe because I have been away from too long. It has been more than a year since I have travelled to this part of the country. This part dictated an hour’s travelling time, and in this age of instant gratification, Time was too precious to spend an hour travelling.

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2004 to 2005. It has been a year.

A year since I was in this same position, poring over dusty tomes for my finals. Like everyone, concerned over how one would fare academically. And delaying the inevitable by putting my pen to torture. Thank you pen. Yes you. It has been hard on you.

A year (and a few months) since that eventful day where I made the decision to pound the dusty road alone. Selfishness demanded me to do so. To stop delaying the inevitable. Perhaps? I was in the wrong, and seriously I did not deserve what I was getting. Life had been too good to me. I am glad that you are happier now. Thank you.

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What I Saw

Along the path I see
A petal drops
From a guilty rose
The threads of
Snaps and breaks
As it floats
Into the black cesspool
Juxtaposing against
The blackness
A spot of
Or is it white?
Remembrance fails
As it vanishes
Into the void
Just a fragment
Of all in


Another 55er…

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Tuff and Gruff

The sad shuffle
Of feet, and
A key turns…
A void called home
Yet with a gruff
A touch soft
And cuddly
A streak of white
My white knight?
Woof! Warm? Wet?
Fills my heart
Brimming with Joy
And Contentment
Like the sun that
Rushes to chase
The night away
With it’s beautiful rays

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My Blog’s Worth

My blog is worth $7,903.56. How much is your blog worth?

Totally inane and irrelevant to my tomes, but what the heck, just for the pleasure of things. Sometimes, people cannot be too uptight.

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Pray not, fear not the Unnamed deed shalt soon be done,
and thy task shalt be to slumber forever once more.
Retreat into the abyss of darkness,
Away from the glare of the light, away from all mortality
For nothing holds thee, nothing bounds thee
To the symphony of the terra firma,
Once more thou art free, to go where one’s pleased
Unlike the inhabitants of terra chained to me

Atlas, spoken to Aristocrat, date unknown

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Have you ever felt the sudden urge to confess, to unload all your troubles, sins, your mistakes to someone? It could be anyone in your life, the person you are closest to. Or the person that is not, since he or she would most probably have no idea what you are talking about BUT would still go on and nod his head.

I did.

As I was walking along this lonely dark path, the urge to confess came to me in a flash of light. I wanted to tell someone everything. The reasons for it all. Perhaps it was the light, concealing the shadows. Yes you read that right. The light conceals the shadows.

I need a purpose, an overwhelming drive to carry me through all this. Maybe I have found it.

Have you found yours?

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