Chapter 1

He slept. And he dreamt.

Of a distant land in an age not too far away. Not too far from the place where he was born. A land of similar weather, where summer lasts all year long except for some rain periodically. This land was blistering hot, and water was scarce here. People here were generally not very friendly to each other, in fact sometimes they bordered on being hostile to one another. The people were a crude race. Though they were technologically more advanced, their culture was deteriorating.

But that, was not what he dreamt.

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That is the only word that one could use to describe today, the ushering in of the weekend. Today, we hit a sales figure in the span of 9 hours that we usually hit in the span of 15 hours or thereabouts. From the time I started work, it was non-stop business all the way till late night. Even at 1 am in the morning, we were still filled with customers. It had led us to bemoan the fact that the machine, which churns out drink orders, had never stopped for at least 5 minutes. We were that busy.

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And so, a fog settled down in between them, dividing them for ages untold, hiding them from each other as foretold. For what was prophesied could not be wrong, that they, the King and Queen, would thus be separated and perhaps, even conquered by their personal demons. Together, they were a force to reckon with. Separated? They were as weak as younglings. For they had different abilities that complement each other’s flaws. Where the King was known to make haste, the Queen was thoughtful. Where the King was weak, she was strong. And vice versa.

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Why do mortals hanker after so many things? Why do they desire this and want that? Are their wants never satisfied? When they have obtained this object of desire, most probably, in due time, they would be hankering after another new gadget. A year ago, it may be a PDA. A year after, it may be the sleekest handphones, or the coolest MP3 player. Again the age old question, why are human wants never satiated?

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It was raining again.

He could hear the incessant pitter-pattering of the raindrops falling noisily against the cool asphalt in the dead of the night. The sound, as always, was a double-edged sword to him.

The rain does funny things. Sometimes, it carries him off to another world, where magick rules the world and unicorns dot the landscape. Or to some otherworlds of his imagining. It would never fail to cheer him up. Other times, it would remind him of the heavy burden he carries upon his shoulders. A burden too large for someone his age.

Today, the sound of the rain made him feel at ease, it made him feel that he was one with the world. Not the world that they all know of, the urban jungle of politics and money, where two-legged beings backstab one another for gold and glory. Where the two-legged beings don’t really care about one another but rather they live in a world of their own. Where apathy generally runs free and the two-legged beings don’t bother one another if one doesn’t bother them.

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Dying Spark

Again another prolonged period of absence. My apologies for I have been rather busy of late, what with work and all. And the way I see it, things are not going to change for the better any time soon.

I could never imagine myself saying this, but I am getting tired. Getting tired of writing in fact. A horrendous reality. It is becoming more and more of a chore to me. The fire is gradually dying out, being smothered by more mundane and materialistic pursuits. I am only learning and yet, I face such straits. How could one ever hope to elevate oneself to a higher level? Perhaps I would have to undergo a formal course. For I am yet untrained as such.

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Digression:Of servitude and motivation


A country where its people loathe to work in the service industry because of its negative connotations of subservience and low wages. A country where the service industry is being populated by other nationals who don’t mind the long hours and the measly pay. A country where the customers, that is, Singaporeans themselves, treat the service workers like their own Filippino maids or faceless people. A country where tipping is abolished and instead, a service charge is implemented.

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