Opium Bed (edited)

Darkness a cloak so sheer
Rich and smooth like a lie
Hides your wildest fears
Your wishes come alive

Come join me in this feast
Let your blood and join in the fun
Worship the Horned One
Of Cernunnos and The Great Hunt

Abandon ye senses
Throw caution to the winds
For what is religion but pretense
An opiate for the weak to let the mighty to win

P.S.: I wrote this one when I was thinking about paganism and all. Karl Marx’s quote came to my mind, “Religion is an opiate for the poor.” For the weak to believe that if they suffer now, they will come to enjoy their afterlife. And for the strong to continue their stranglehold over them.

And sometimes, paganisim is villified unjustifiably. Look at Roman Catholicism. To ensure the stranglehold of their religion, the Roman Catholics sought to demonize those religions that stand in their way in the Medieval Ages. I don’t grudges against them. But paganism is a beautiful way of life, of celebrating Life herself and Mother Nature. Why should it be portrayed wrongly? Why is it even associated with Satanism in the first place?

Yours truly

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4 thoughts on “Opium Bed (edited)

  1. “The Dark One is dead, the dark one IS dead” ~Jordan

    As Rand al’Thor goes on searching in unprolificacay (not that I really care), I must express my thanks for the link on the left.

  2. Ah, I see the quotes from Robert Jordan. Though his works are my cup of tea, nevertheless, ten leviathan books of the same series spanning more than five years is too much for a poor old soul to take. And I just about gave up with the last few installments.

    Raymond E.Feist and David Eddings would be much more better. Ran al’Thor is just a confused little squirm as compared to the mighty Pug.

    You are most welcome. Since you linked mine int the first place, it is of course a formality to link yours as well.

    Yours truly

  3. Hi. Perhaps a short verse here to instill courage. Courage to face whatever challenges that lay before you. Foreboding they may be.

    Locked in,
    Boxed in,
    Full of fear.
    My panic grows manic till I can’t hear.
    In need of a reprieve so that I can breathe.
    Remove my fear,
    Please make it leave.

    Speaking about blogs…really considering whether I should get myself the blog, and follow the herd instinct….and if I do, I’ll also link yours to mine, but how to do that? Poor technophobic me.

  4. Hello there melancholic. It’s been quite a while. Thanks for the verse. Prettily done 🙂 And the question still plagues me regarding your identity. How did you come upon my dusty tomes? Through Dark Whispers?

    Its not a herd instinct of blogging. I must point out that I do not follow the herd instinct. I hate the herds. If they are like lemmings and they plunge over the cliffs into the foamy white seas, do you follow? Of course not. For me it’s an outlet of release, a place where I can post my poetry. A place to change it into whatever I want. My own inner world. Perhaps for others, blogging seems to be jotting down their daily happenings. But to each his own. I shall not comment on their idiosyncrasies and neither they on mine. Pardon me, I ramble yet again.

    Well, if you need help whatsoever, don’t hestitate to call upon yours truly.


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