Today, no these few weeks, I find myself unravelling at the seams again.

Everything is coming apart.

No matter how hard I try to hold it, it seems as if what I am holding is just sand, miniscule particles of sand that slips through one’s fingers no matter how tightly closed I hold them. Slipping through senselessly, like an insidious snake slithering. It makes me almost want to recoil from it. Who knows the danger I am putting myself in by holding a snake in the hand? Is it poisonous? I’m not an authority on snakes.

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Your eyes that sees and haunts
Does it feel the fire
Burning deep within
A desire for that
accented vision
another look at the

(picture used with permission ~Sendako from deviantart)

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(c)~Sendako from deviantart

every second that I set my eyes
upon the lovely you
they would go blind
are you then pretty?

every day I see you and
i do get bored at that
but when we don’t meet, I would
wrench over in angst, why not?

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