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new year’s eve or whatever eve

Another New Year, another round of festivities.

It’s that time of the year again.

People calling on people, gathering for fun and laughter or perhaps gathering for no purpose at all except for the gathering itself. Has it become a social habit, that we must all gather whenever there is a public holiday, that we must all go out or hang together or have fun whenever it is Christmas, New Year, Boxing Day, Thanksgiving or whatever holiday you celebrate? Does Man delight only in other people’s company but wallow in lonely misery?

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coraline by neil gaiman

I was at Kinokuniya the other day looking for some books to buy since it was the holiday season after all. There are some cycles in life that you cannot avoid, like the occasional indulgence in spending on yourself or pampering yourself. For me, one of those indulgences constitute spending freely at any bookstore. And on that day, that bookstore simply happened to be Kinokuniya. Of course, the 20% storewide discount for members certainly helped in nudging me to spend a little bit more. Just a little bit.

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I don’t feel like writing. I don’t feel like doing anything either in this rainy, cool weather. I’m contented to just dig in, dig into the soft coverlets of my bed and let the speakers blare out whatever music that I feel like playing at the moment. I just feel like lying there and letting the music wash over me, wave after wave, note after note, each note bringing up a different piece of memory. And I just lie there, piecing all the different slices of memory together into one like a child playing with his first jigsaw puzzle, entranced by what he sees as the whole picture.

I’m in a no-writing mood even though there are many things worth writing about now.

So I shan’t write anything. And you aren’t reading anything that I wrote.

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Merry Christmas from Fate/Stay Night


My apologies for the lack of updates due to a busy weekend. Festivities are tiring and irksome. With that:



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The Inaugural WriteClique Event (in elvina’s words no less)



We are having our first WriteClique party at the mint toy museum no less, courtesy of Elvina who managed to secure such a nice location. One has no idea how she does these kind of things so kudos to her for taking the effort.

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browser conflict

Firefox 2Firefox Update:

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Change the theme of your Firefox browser back to default as the customized version might be in conflict.

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