Whispers of A Blue Moon

A full moon stands above its seat
Casting its silvery gleam all around
And I sat by the sea with the Orion Belt
Above my head, the waves gently lapped and fade’d

The stars twinkled endlessly
As if to show they sympathise wiht me
For I am all alone, neither kith nor kin
Out here in this gray wilderness

Where is she my lovely one?
Not of two or three but one and only
My object of desire and ache

Of heart which only she can break

O pray please enlighten me
Of how my sweetheart is doing now
Does she pine or hate
Or is her heart somewhere else?

How I long to see her now
To hold her in my arms and tell her of
Love that which I have for her
As far as my eyes can see beyond the horizon

As the moon hides behind the clouds
My feet suddenly grows cold, I looked down
And find the sea lapping at my boots
With an exasperated sigh I stand to leave
Awakened rudely from my reverie.

P.S.: This poem was written very long ago, somewhere in the middle of Jan last year and Dec. As you can see for yourself, it was intended for my the other half. But alas, things sometimes don’t turn out the way you want it.

I discovered this poem among one of my old notepads, and since someone has kindly pointed out there aren’t any delightful stuff in these dusty tomes of my, perhaps this shall be the cow dung among the pile of roses? Ah, getting mean and spiteful, aren’t we? Lol…

Anyway, Bon Appetit~

Yours truly forever

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