I’ve just crossed off another thing on my perpetual to-do-list. Did you do one today?

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Borders 35% off till 17th May

Is the title clear enough for you? From 4th of May to 17th of May, you puny humans will get a discount of 35% off any full-priced book. Click the link below to print out the voucher.

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Inspire. Think. Dream

A writing competition that I think you people will be interested in, though the title is too gaudy for my taste. Still it’s a worthy cause but I doubt it will inspire anything given our current state of mind. And Perlini’s Silver is sponsoring the prizes?! Oh wait till you see who are the judges.

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Borders 20% Voucher & Kino Member Discounts

For all the book lovers out there, don’t we adore Borders for their continual discounts. Again, do note the validity date and as usual, all the unspoken rules apply.

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This is the best deal ever. Present any Shakespeare sonnet, & other cover sonnet, early modern (ie Shakespeare’s time) or contemporary (I don’t like how they used ancient instead of early modern), & an original sonnet, parody or poem that is related to Bill or his works.

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Borders (SG only) Discount Vouchers

Dear readers,

As per titled, for your perusal. Note the expiry dates. Seasoned voucher users should know what to do.

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Event: Paging for writerly female(s)

With one deadline set aside, there is finally time to catch a breather. Before the next three jump in, that is.

That aside, let me pose you a question:

Are you a female writer? Feeling writerly? Do you turn to the pen for solace or to channel your inspiration?

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