Did he just see light at the end of the tunnel? Or was he hallucinating? It was probably more of the latter.

He had already gone for days without sustenance, and his mortal body was slowly wasting away. No matter how powerful he was spiritually, under the bounds of the mortal body, he was just like everyone else, susceptible to pain and death. He was already hearing voices in his head, whispering things that he dare not repeat to save his own soul. Already driven to the very edge of desperation, he had begun to despair.

But he had saw light! Perhaps it could be the end of the maze…at long last! Maybe he was hallucinating, but he couldn’t care less anymore. Grasping that thin whisper of hope, however slim it was, he began to make his way in the direction of the light again, not knowing where it would lead him to…….

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