It brings back wonderful memories every time I see a set of No. 1. And today was no different. Along with my other fellow PCs and friends, I was invited to the wedding dinner of my Boss to be his sword-bearers.

In the midst of preparations, I thought back to those army days. I wouldn’t say all of us had fun, but certainly we did learn some lessons that couldn’t be taught in the classroom, and in explicably, lasting friendships are also forged. We hadn’t gathered ever since we had ORDed, or perhaps that may be me only, what with us being busy with work and school. As I was fixing the faux gold buttons upon the pristine white uniform, I was reminded of the last time that I wore the No. 1. And that was for our graduation parade, where everyone of us was so excited that no words could ever describe it. There was a sense of bubbling excitment in the air, and everyone could feel it. Finally, our nine to ten months of efforts were going to pay off. We were going to see the fruits of our labour.

Fast forward to two years on. It seemed so distant in the past and if I haven’t had drawn that No.1 from SAFTI MI, perhaps these memories wouldn’t come back at all. They would just stay locked at the back of my consciousness. It seemed so different from the lives that we are leading now.

And for that brief period of time when we gathered, we had fun again. Through the few rehearsals we had for our sword drill, it felt like being back in army again. Almost. Because half the time, we were talking and laughing, throwing discipline and caution to the wind. At least three-quarters of us were civilians already. Does it matter now? In the future it might, but not at that time and place.

It was heartwarming to see the smiles and hear the laughter of everyone. To see everyone poking fun and insulting one another with such grace. It certainly was a practiced art form. And most importantly of all, it certaintly lightened up my heart to see Boss in such a state of bliss with his new bride, Ivy. Good luck to the both of you, my friends. May the Gods smile on you always.

Your servant

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