The Infinite Canvas That Is The Internet

Difference between online and print media: the latter is finite while the former becomes infinite.

Unfortunately the creator still remains unchanged in terms of his limits. The length of his day doesn’t change, like a processor upgrade. There remains 24 hours in a single day.

Physically he hasn’t evolved. There remains four limbs, a pair of eyes, a brain and others.

Perhaps he has learnt to multi-task but already, the online medium has stretched faster and vaster before him – it is, after all, the aggregation of the herd mind.

You hear everything and anything at once – as long as you know where to find it.

It is like trying to work with many people at once.

In that sense, if you try to spread yourself over your medium, you are doomed to fail.

If you seek a path of everything, you will end up with nothing. Is this not a cliche? Why then are we still trying to do this – but in a different form?

We need to confine ourselves, locate our thoughts and focus the strength on a spot. To start a spark and then, stoke the flame into a raging fire.


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