And Words Kept Falling Out

When the writing fervour comes, everything is put aside in favour of the thoughts that pour out.

And it is at this very moment, this exact second, 11.50am on a Wednesday, that I feel these words dammed up behind my head. I always thought words were supposed to come out of your thoughts and then, physically translated through your fingers. But I was wrong. They build up in your brain, that humongous lump of Omega3 acids, of which 70 per cent is just fats. That’s what I learnt from my colleague yesterday. Our brains are just fats. I think the words pile up gently at first. You can’t feel them initially. You would just wonder, “Hmm I haven’t been writing for a very long time, have I?” Which is true. Because the words have not accumulated at all. But letter by letter falls out from that deep dark hole, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. And sometimes the black opening gets stuck. There was once, I think, where the capital letter A got stuck in the black opening because it came out in too big a font size. That peak got caught in some mess and A was stuck there for a long time. Slowly other letters started piling up behind it. There were a few that were impatient and began horning. These inconsiderate letters reminded me of some people. But horning is pretty much useless when you are stuck and you have no hands. A’s not like the letter T. Eventually the pressure behind got so great that A was forced out, by force, and letters, words, sentences, started pouring out like there was a flood somewhere. It was like what they said in the papers – a once-in-fifty-years event. Which doesn’t mean that it takes 50 years to happen but rather the probability of it occurring is 1/50. How plebeian can the masses get? The masses are uninformed and inert. Anyway, back to the dammed up words. Such situations lead to things like theorrhea. Words and sentences kept spilling out for quite a while until the flow gradually eased. The damage was done. The buildup force had resulted in A widening the opening. It was easier for the letters and words to drop out now. No more limitations. No more getting stuck.

At the end, the torrent will turn back into a tiny stream of words. Word by word. Letter by letter

And things get quiet again.


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