Of ideologies, money and shifting monkeys

Money is not everything, that’s what I believe.

Restriction is not everything, that’s what I believe.

I think of myself as a non-Conservative, rather than a Liberal.

But when people around you kept insisting otherwise, kept pushing boundaries, how do you counter their positions, especially when your values are gradually shifting as well?


As a Literature graduate, life’s tough. We make enough to live a reasonably good life. But sometimes ‘reasonably good’ just doesn’t cut it.

Not when you’re a Literature student. Because if you’re a Literature student, you’re an idealist.

That much, I speak for myself.


All it takes to question your foundations are the ignorant actions of a person close to you.

How do you convince a brother who’s set on joining the airlines as a air steward not to abandon his hard-earned university education that just started a year ago?

Not everyone can be in his shoes. And a year earlier, his actions already deprived someone of a place.


I read elsewhere, in Straits Times actually, that a college education is no longer as important as we (or society) make it out to be. That article was situated in the US. In Singapore, I believe the piece of paper is still everything. Our society’s fabric is that thin: centred around all our actions are a piece of meaningless, arbitrary paper. Can I allow my kin to give up his university education and indulge in his own pleasures of flying around the world? Certain stereotypes immediately sprang to mind. Of drugs, sex and rock and roll.


Now I’m trying to reconcile actions with beliefs. Am I really who I believe myself to be? Or I’m just a hypocrite in disguise.

Time to dig deeper.

And monkeys had nothing to do with this post but it just cropped up because “Death by Monkey” came into my mind.


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