LOOKING through Facebook, I spot a trend that many people in my age bracket are facing – the marrieds. They’re blooming everywhere, those mightily big hints of marriage.

Every other day, there’s a different piece of news. Just the other day, my friend posted a picture of some showroom flat, I suppose. Since he’s a year younger, I assume he is lining up for the flat, along with his wife-to-be.

Today, it’s a link to another friend’s honeymoon photos. I’m not close to this friend but it doesn’t stop me from browsing her photos. After all, if you upload your life online, you must have wanted someone to see this right? The same goes for this blog.

As I flip through the photos, my mind’s arrested by their looks.

They’re on their honeymoon but their facial expressions seem rather…sad.

They’re taking pictures for the sake of taking it. Going through the motion.

Are the photos on Facebook all like that? Taken and uploaded just to prove that you were there. And nothing more.


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