Once in a while, I just feel like typing gibberish.

Typing out stuff that people wouldn’t understand. For instance, I would go like this: arbe godb opovadf ptowetmb wfjpgt rgkl.

How does it feel, I wonder?

To just type gibberish, to not rush around with a sense of urgency or purpose, belabouring every second that the lift is taking, every second too long for you.

To go through the morning-hour rush as if it was nothing at all. Stuck in a jam? Nah, no worries. These things happen.

But we curse and swear. We mourn for every second, every millisecond lost, effectively trapped in something of our own creation – Time.

I know I do.

adgjk kvm’lk kglkfb mvgg

Then also, when I’m typing gibberish I’m typing for the sake of feeling the keyboard react to my fingers, the tactile feeling. At that point in time, there is nothing I want to communicate.


Empty: The famous castle of Prague


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