I regret a decision made in a dream

For no reason, today I dreamt of my ex again.

Obviously it is not the first time.

I could remember how real the dream was, that smoke in the streets, that cross of pale-green and lime green eye shadow she applies, that tiredness in her eyes, that limp smile she gave me.

That limp smile was certainly no mark of recognition. I doubt anyone would have recognised me on the streets. That limp smile was more of a “Hey traveller, how’re you doing?”

The streets. At first, I thought I was in Bangkok. They look like Khao San. But then why the hell would she be carrying a pail of clothes and toiletries? Then I conclude that I could be in Japan. She’s actually going to one of those public baths.

I remember her entering the female bathhouse.

Then I woke up – her limp smile and green eye shadow firmly burnt into my mind.

What would I have done if I had not woke up? Wait outside the bathhouse for her?


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