Why print still holds sway over internet

…and what can internet journalism do to gain a foothold?

  1. The majority of advertising dollars still goes to support print journalism. What the internet makes in a month, the print makes in a day.
  2. People think print is authoritative. Take for instance, our only national broadsheet. With over 150 years of history (it was established in 1845), the common man tend to take it seriously.
  3. The internet is like a flippant boy. It’s hard to take him seriously because he blabbers about anything. Democracy works like a double-edged sword.
  4. The majority of readers – or at least the people advertisers are hoping to target – are still entrenched in print. Everyone still flips the ST papers every morning with their coffee. From page to page.
  5. Which brings me to this: reading habits are different online and offline. We tend to read from page to page, getting black fingertips in the process. Even if we read quickly, we still browse through all the ads. This does not happen on the internet. I click on the article I want to read, bypassing everything else.

How then can internet journalism survive? How can we progress to the next stage without stagnating (and without killing print in the process)? Surely journalism is not a zero-sum game? We’re not tapping the internet for its potential if we’re only cutting and pasting articles from print.


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