Happiness acquisition list

The idea stems from The Consolations of Philosophy by Alain de Botton (updated on Sept 14)

  1. Blue skies of Bordeaux and the countryside, with a little cottage and a waterwheel running. I’ll be living in the attic with my cat. I’ll probably try to grow my own garden. I’ll fail many times but it’ll be fun. A room of my own. A house of my own. I need my personal space.
  2. Ice-cream. Intense rum & raisins that’ll knock you out. The one I had in Paris was amazing. The rum could’ve made a kid drunk.
  3. Going on backpacking trips and trying out new things all the time. Next in my sights: Trans-Siberian railway and the northern lights. Perhaps going on a driving trip around S.France as well. Again, the countryside.  I want to get away from the cities – all except Japan.
  4. Going for L’Arc~en~Ciel and X-Japan concerts.
  5. Having great people around me. I know I’ve great people around me now. But are they for real or just like the dew that doesn’t stay the morning sun?
  6. Live in every country for a few years and experience the country and the people.
  7. Dreaming. Some people take it as stoning. I’m here but my mind and heart are not.
  8. Serif fonts on cream backgrounds.
  9. Extra strong tea from M&S with Tim Tam. Any flavour seems to go equally well with tea.
  10. A glass of red wine and a bowl of olives stuffed with garlic.
  11. Good company. People I can relax with, let my guard down, shoot my mouth off and not worry about anything. Because in a sense, I’m straightforward. Not as straightforward as some, but enough such that I may be tactless.
  12. Soft rock weekend on Class 95 fm.
  13. Having a good drive along the ECP

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