Paper thoughts

Questionnaires about yourself

Ever filled in questionnaires about yourself? Write down what do you think….

I’ve always been curious how people can actually fill that in without a pang of guilt. Are they certain what they think is not what others think?

Maybe they’re just products of one another. Like Tom is a product of Jerry. Jerry is a product of Tom.

So I wonder.

Me – a product of societal and cultural experiences. I’m a product of what I get in touch with. If I’m isolated, what happens? Will the product break down? Or will it become a standalone?

I’m a reflection of another

With that, I think I know myself the least of all. I know my thoughts are products of another’s thoughts. My image is only but a reflection of another. Maybe it’s my father, maybe it’s my mother. Or maybe I’m made up from bits of everybody. My tutors, past and present, friends, family, books, movies…

Through others, I experience.


Love and heartbreak. Happiness and sadness. Jealousy and envy. Pain and ecstasy. Love and hate.

Through experience, I live.

I’m not living enough now, surrounded as I am by my own comfort zone. Too comfortable.

I step outside once but that immediately became another comfort zone.

How many times do I have to step out?

To chase my chains of desire like a dog on its tail

I run.


Am I running to chase myself or to leave myself behind?


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