Eight months and some days later

I’m comfortably ensconed in my new life, minute problems not withstanding.

The lack of familiarity with my subject matter excites me. Everyday there seems to be something new for me to learn.

And I discard what I’ve picked up in the university, leaving it lying in the sidewalks of progress.

Inevitable, as academia is entirely different from the working world. Some would have come to realise that.

I haven’t really thought of academia (which was an option I played around with) until now – when I write about it and that is probably a good thing. And a bad thing.

On an inconsequential note, I need a new writing instrument as my five-year-old Thinkpad has failed. Or rather its harddisk has.

Now Mac or PC?

On another inconsequential note, I’ve finally started on The Iliad.


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