Cecilia Dies

If you already know the ending to a situation, would you have done things differently?

Cecilia commits suicide. And a little bit of me dies. She’s only thirteen and she did it twice.

I am reading The Virgin Suicides, with the ending already made known on the first page, I suppose. And as I flip each page, the words seem to become fishing nets, trawling my psyche deep and hard. Somehow, I feel exposed.

The trepidation that comes with reading the novel, the transient happiness of the Lisbon girls out on a prom dance, gleams even more brightly when I know they’re going to die soon.

Death stares at me from between the pages, playing Hide and Seek.

I feel like I’m reading from a fluorescent lamp on its last legs. More power, more power, more…before it dies and splutters into darkness. You know, the incandescence might actually engulf me before I finish the novel.

1, 2, I’ve found you

And I am only halfway through.


2 thoughts on “Cecilia Dies

  1. ohh ive read the book and seen the movie. i can say the musical score is well suited too.. both made me cry. now would i tell what happened in the end? knowing you already know what.. but the how is more shocking..

    just droppin by checking how things are 8)

  2. Thank you for dropping by Velvet, your presence is always welcomed. You’ve changed your blog skin. How is life? Are you still working at the call centre?

    On your recommendation, it seems worthwhile to watch the film then.

    I was playing Simon and Garfunkel’s Scarborough Fair and April She Will Come when I was reading. Oddly enough, they seem to fit in very well.

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