To ask

What does “transcendental norm” mean?

Anyone who can answer gets a cyber chocolate from me.


5 thoughts on “To ask

  1. Hmmm, transcendental norm, a norm which can be a norm even before we know it can be a norm? Or a norm that transcends the physical state of being?

    *shrugs* =P

    I hope you’re not struggling with that for exams, or life, for that matter.

    And to sum up Marcuse in one sentence: Dead White Marxist.

    Or, One Dimensional Man.

  2. ohh.. no updates? ok then i answer your question..

    “transcendental norm” …is i think a linguistic redundancy. since “transcendental” meant “Surpassing all others; superior” and/or “Beyond common thought or experience; mystical or supernatural.”

    adding the “norm” to form a phrase repeats its meaning. because it surpassed the norm to begin with. although it may still be acceptable, like saying “killed him dead”, or “safe haven”..

    so kong hei fat choi… and you owe me a cyber chocolate!

  3. Velvet, my apologies! Your comment got lost in the moderation queue.Anyway I found out what it is: “an example of transcendental norm is Logos, which is divine meaning guaranteed by the consensus of an omni-community. Transcendental norms are thus metaphysical axioms agreed on by communities.” Thanks and hope you have had a good start to the year!

    ABJ, very sorely missed which will be redeemed by you telling me your latest site, haha. School’s boring, you’re not missing much.

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