[Facebook Ad Backlash Begins]
A reasonable assemblage of various critics on the new social marketing Facebook has introduced, addressing the lack of privacy and such.

[An Open Letter to the Prime Minister]
She appeals for political openness. In Singapore.

[Best Headline from Reuters]
Hide your pills in poop, they say. Ferrets rock.

[Where’s your angel?]
She has a league of angels behind here. Where’s mine? In hiding perhaps…


4 thoughts on “Assemblages

  1. Yep am an Easterner and proud of it. Which part of the East are you in then?

    I was one of those who were on the mailing list but got left out of one of the coupon promotions quite a while back. It was baffling but everything’s sorted so I’m okay with it. I’m pretty happy with my 10% haha.

    The thing about Page One is that its small so you pretty much can get the usual stuff. They are better with the arts section I think. Kino is good, and I think cheaper (slightly) than Borders. But I feel very out of place there, a little lost.

    But that’s maybe because I hang out at Borders more often. =P

    Anyway, hope the Tag is a good distraction from essays & revision. I’m buried under a pile of notes & library books.

  2. not much difference for me cause I check my emails for comments to be moderated instead of going straight to my blog. haha.

    far east? to be that’s pasir ris cause its just &7*@#7823*@#@# ulu. LoL.

    I find borders more organized than kino though. lol.

    why are you up so late? essaying? oh yah, i think the previous template is better than this..hehe..sorry!

  3. I see you have changed your layout again haha. I didn’t like Hemingway because they don’t show all of a post and you end up having to click “read more” which really annoys me. I’m not a fan of clicking all over the world just to read one blog post. Which is why even if chaos theory was counter intuitive it was slightly better haha.

    So I guess the best way is to reply on each other’s blogs? It gives the impression that I’m talking to myself on your blog, which is pretty cool in a strange quirky way.

    I have three essays due on the same day. I am more screwed than you think you are. Haha. I suppose I’ll be hanging out at the library 24/7 (literally) the whole of next week.

    I think Borders seems more organised to me because I kinda know everything is. Every trip to Kino is something new because I end up finding a new section everytime I go there. My only grouse about Borders is that the selection of non-fiction is seriously limited, especially the philosophy and politics section. I was once at the CD section looking for a particular CD and that particular section I was in was one big mess! I was quite shocked actually because I have known borders to be pretty well-organised in the sense that everything is in its place.

    But I really can’t wait for the one at Parkway to open, haha. My favourite ice cream shop next to my favourite book store. Bliss I tell you.

    Are you trying to ask exactly where I live? Sorry but being sleep deprived means I don’t read well into things. Haha.

  4. I find perverse joy in being sleep-deprived for some reason. What I cannot accept is being home on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday night trying to finish my essay.

    Well 2 of the essays have already been extended, I don’t think its fair to ask for another extension. Oh well, just gotta suck it up. =)

    You should try the ice cream at that place next to the soon-to-be Borders, its really good! And healthier..*smirk*

    Yes I seriously will get lost in Kino. Haha.

    Anyway you were pretty close on the deduction but not there yet. Haha.

    Ok I seriously need sleep. Shucks.

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