Books and Borders: Discount Vouchers

I spent a fortune on books this semester. No, I didn’t buy that many since the cost more than made up for the lack in quantity. What really took the cake was Lacan‘s Écrits, a new and complete English translation that Bruce Fink, a Lacanian psychoanalyst, came out with in early 2006. However, I ordered this from Amazon since I was told that the local bookstores do not carry it.

Of course, I spent quite a sum on other books as well. A few novels here and there from Kinokuniya (during the promotional period), and some required books (Rouge of the North, Shanghai Modern etc.) from the university’s “co-operative” as well. The latter also cost quite a sum but it was less painful on the pocket than the purchase of Écrits online. For this, I blame Borders because I did call their helpline and asked whether the book was stocked, to which, after checking their system, they empathically said “No.”

Which led to me ordering it online. By courier.

But (you may have guessed it) the next day, I happened to pass by Borders@Wheelock and discovered that the book was actually sitting right there on the shelve! The horror, the horror, the horror…

Fortunately, they just redeemed themselves with their usual tactic: a 30% off any full-priced book, with members getting an additional 10%, which totals to 40%.

Alright, Borders. Lousy service but competitive prices. You win.

P.S.: Borders is opening a new branch at Parkway this December, where the MPH used to be.

P.S.: The effort of reading the above narrative earns you the voucher. Click [HERE] for the voucher.


2 thoughts on “Books and Borders: Discount Vouchers

  1. This new template is a little anti-intuitive. I scrolled to the end of the post looking for a Comment link but found it at the side instead. *laughs*

    Thanks for the voucher offer. I’m on their mailing list so I get it too. Plus the fact that I got suckered into buying the membership….

    Good luck for the thesis (and the exams). I myself have spent an obscene amount of money on books this year, and only two of them are textbooks (one which had to be specially shipped from Amazon because the lecturer was new and he ordered late from the coop).

    I’m a easterner and I simply cannot wait for Borders to open at Parkway. Wheee! =P

    Speaking of service, the one at Kino is not too bad. Page One, for their overpriced books has pretty great service too. Plus they sometimes bring in obscure books which you can’t find at Kino or Borders. The bad thing about Kino is that the sheer size of it makes everything very scattered. Which can be disturbing.

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