I sat in the darkness. Stares.

Thousands of cathodes beneath it? Stars.

There’s nothing much to do here today, as if there’s much to do on any other day for that matter. I just sit in the same spot, within the confines of my room and stare.

At the screen.

Look, the numbers are jumping. Oh boy, what fun.

That’s what they call the progress bar isn’t it? That transparent rectangular box that’s always being filled with green.

Look at how fast it is progressing!

28% completed. Downloaded 1.01GB

Is that a lot of information?

I think so. Quite a lot for one to handle isn’t it?

I can handle TB without any worries.

Are you that sure?

Pretty much. My progress bar is still blank now. Pump me up with those green goblins.

I sure am pretty confident of myself today. The fan is still whirring you know? Temperature seems to be a little too high for its liking, not that it likes being hot.


Don’t question me, you ‘tard. It’s how it works.

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