Celebrate..er..Shakespeare’s birthday?

This is the best deal ever. Present any Shakespeare sonnet, & other cover sonnet, early modern (ie Shakespeare’s time) or contemporary (I don’t like how they used ancient instead of early modern), & an original sonnet, parody or poem that is related to Bill or his works.

Then you’ll win tickets to A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Singapore Repertory Theatre and books sponsored by the British Council! By the way, this event is a poetry slam as well – called the Shakespeare Slam.

(Click for a larger view)


Brought to you by wordForward, the same people who brought you Poetry Slam.

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3 thoughts on “Celebrate..er..Shakespeare’s birthday?

  1. whaddya mean? do i have to present it the way it was meant to be presented, or could I modify it? *giggle*

    *thinks 10 things I hate about you*

  2. Er. In essence, you have to present 3 pieces: a Shakespearean sonnet; another sonnet of any age; and your own piece relating to Shakespeare. I think what you are thinking about falls into the last category?

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