Borders (SG only) Discount Vouchers

Dear readers,

As per titled, for your perusal. Note the expiry dates. Seasoned voucher users should know what to do.

In the meantime, let me brood over whether I should buy a Chicago Manual of Style.

Borders 3 for 2…

Spend over $75…

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2 thoughts on “Borders (SG only) Discount Vouchers

  1. nice pic!!! =)

    apart from the vouchers, just outside Borders, the store has displayed some books which are dirt cheap! Fiction going for $6.95, and other books on art, literature, and children’s books.

    In more exciting news, Carrefour is having a Warehouse sale at the Plaza Singapura Atrium ( the one indoor). Books (Biographies, art, travel, history, politics, children’s, fiction) ALL GOING FOR $3!!!

    I grabbed 5 at PS and am now a very happy girl! *Beams*

  2. Thanks =) It’s a wallpaper actually but who cares! Besides, it has all my favourite themes: vampires, red, black, gothic and indulgence.

    Hmm, any chance you saw Chicago Manual of Style, or Anne Rice’s books?

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