[S]iege in the Room

One of the last known photos of Samuel Beckett,
on the Boulevard St.-Jacques in Paris, taken in 1989. Photo taken from The Journal of Beckett Studies

This was a photo that I saw from the website of The Journal of Beckett Studies. Now what am I doing there, you wonder?

What else but delving through the deluge of Beckettian research that is out there – it is mind-boggling to find the amount of literary criticism devoted to him. I already loaned out more than 8 books: Beckett Translating/Translating Beckett, Beckett and Zen, Reconstructing Beckett, Engagement and Indifference, Beckett and Poststructuralism. On hindsight, it seems like overkill.

P.S.: Beckett described his stint (when he went back to Paris and started writing regularly in French) of writing three short stories and two novels as “the siege in the room” (Graver). And ergo, I am besieged similarly as well though I think it’s too hubristic for me to use that phrase.

Works Cited (looks familiar?)

Graver, Lawrence. Becket: Waiting for Godot. United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press, 2004.

The Journal of Beckett Studies. Ed. S.E Gontarski. Florida State University English Department. Accessed on April 11 2007, <http://www.english.fsu.edu/jobs/>



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