pen, paper & writeclique

No matter how much you love your computer, love typing on it or doing whatever you usually do on it, there usually comes a time when you absolutely loathe the sight of your computer. It sits there at the same spot day after day and it seems at first that it is not doing anything. Mind you, that’s only at first. On a closer inspection (one also must not ignore the fact to shut out whatever noises you are hearing, be it those MP3s or the soft murmurings of conversation from the rooms yonder), you might overhear (as I have did) a soft whisper. Something along the lines of “It’s time to do your work, lazybones. Ignore me at your peril. Your deadlines are marching up.”

Yes, something along those lines.

Whether it is your inner voice speaking or those dastardly machines speaking, it does not make a difference for both serve the same master: to irritate and pester you with all the goblins in the wind pinching you until you have surrendered to them meekly and say: “Yes madam, I will do your bidding.”

And it just so happened that three of these days simply came along after the New Year and sat themselves nicely upon my calendar, such that inclined as I was ever to do some writing and work, I would be put off by the existence of that machine sitting menacingly upon my desk, no matter how trustworthy it is. So it happened that from the 2nd to the 4th I was so disinclined to do anything productive that well, nothing was actually produced on that machine.

Now before you go about like those goblins caught in a mad wind pinching me, know that I have just stopped writing in numerical values and have turned to a solitary existence of writing with pen and paper as I had done so in the past with my poems. No doubt it is of course more efficient to do pursue your Muse with a laptop in hand (for which writers do not use them now save the most fastidious?) but still writing with a pen in hand is a therapeutic activity that cannot be replaced solely by an IBM machine.

Still, much have been done since the end of December. Here are some updates:

  1. A collection of poems that I have written has been put up as a Page in the sidebar.
  2. Past posts belonging to Blogspot-dom has now been sorted into their respective categories here. They are listed chronlogically, from the latest to the first. You can read Whispers of A Blue Moon (which gave rise to the first tomes of mine, here)
  3. There will be an effort to consistently post reviews of the books that I have read, provided that I have the time to produce those reviews. Not all books I read will be reviewed though. That will be too much of a headache given the fact that I am after all, a Literature major and am expected to many many many books.
  4. Events from WriteClique and also other literary events will be put up from time to time (this applies to Singaporeans only, I’m pretty much sure you guys out there have better events than ours).

That about pretty much sums it all up. And remember the WriteClique event we had in December? Elvina has done a post on it and you can read it on her weblog here.

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One thought on “pen, paper & writeclique

  1. You must be WriteClique biggest fan! I am so privileged to have you mentioned it so much on your blog. 🙂

    Hope to see you at our next event…have you voted yet? 🙂

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