godspeed for ‘07

Fate/hollow ataraxia

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6 thoughts on “godspeed for ‘07

  1. Gotta writie it before it can be published. Not sure I really care if I am published. More concerned with the actual doing rather than the result.

    However,thx for your setiments and all the luck to you also!


  2. @J: I’ll watch it, really soon I promise haha.

    @Axe: Like they say, the journey is sometimes more important than the results. And sometimes what you want is just right in front of you without you knowing.

    @Velvet: Hello sweet. Thanks for the luv & hope your job’s alright!

  3. I’ve never written anything without the dream that I would get paid big bucks so that I could just continue writing all my life. And I think it’s a pretty good expectation for myself. Hah.
    So yes, thanks for the blessing.

  4. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Yours is nicer in fact, really love the New Year Greetings poster! A little belated, but have a great year ahead!

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