new year’s eve or whatever eve

Another New Year, another round of festivities.

It’s that time of the year again.

People calling on people, gathering for fun and laughter or perhaps gathering for no purpose at all except for the gathering itself. Has it become a social habit, that we must all gather whenever there is a public holiday, that we must all go out or hang together or have fun whenever it is Christmas, New Year, Boxing Day, Thanksgiving or whatever holiday you celebrate? Does Man delight only in other people’s company but wallow in lonely misery?

It seems like that’s the way people function to me.

Want to go out and chill?

A bit of hesitation. My thoughts stumbled. Where it was flowing smoothly, now its trajectory became blocked, torn apart by two desires, the instinctive need to hang out with the herd and the desire to be alone as well.

Which one is stronger? I sometimes wonder. Usually the instincts win since resolve is not what I’m known for. It happened during Christmas. Marked by a buffet dinner at some nondescript restaurant though it was supposedly famous. I didn’t really care whether he had turkey or porridge for Christmas. I might as well spell it christmas. Why bother capitalising something that I disregards? Singapore can become singapore. American america. Heaven heaven. Why even bother having turkey in the first place? Thanksgiving yes, I know but turkey? Why not frogs or pigeons or fish?

Festivals are nothing more than symbols, cultural meanings of signifcance for people who need meanings in their lives, who desire stability. Christmas marks the end of the year, it marks penitence. Yet who is truly penitent? People sin just to go to church to ask for forgiveness. The pentitent who is in the confessional today commits the same sin tomorrow with the very idea that God is all-forgiving.

New Year marks the beginning. Another year of resolutions. But which resolution is held sure and steadfast? Which resolution has never been broken? And yet another round of celebrations that end in debauchery with drunkards and litter all over the street.

I’ll not procrastinate this year. Swell. But that’s the same New Year resolution I made every year.

Actually to tell you the truth, I don’t believe in resolutions. But you get the idea.

Do humans need a marker to make resolutions? Why can’t they not make it on any other day? Similarly, why must a couple engage in the commercialism of Valentine’s Day? Might as well call it chocolatier-laughing-all-the-way-to-bank day for the amount of money spent on the fruits of cacao. Do we actually need a day to express the love for our loved ones?

Let’s not forget Secretary’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Boss’ Day and the likes also. Very soon, we’ll have a Maid’s Day.

I still have no idea whether I should haul myself out of the house or not.

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