The Inaugural WriteClique Event (in elvina’s words no less)



We are having our first WriteClique party at the mint toy museum no less, courtesy of Elvina who managed to secure such a nice location. One has no idea how she does these kind of things so kudos to her for taking the effort.

And if anyone out here is interested in joining us, do take a look at what WriteClique does:


The all-new writers’ club where you will enjoy total literary freedom and meet people brimming with the same fiery passion for writing.


The forum is strictly for everything and anything related to writing only. That will cover all forms of writing – copy writing, screenwriting, news, feature articles, online content, fiction, book projects etc.

This e-group will focus on the following key interest areas:

– Freelance writing assignments
– WriteClique Writing Projects
– Pitches to media and publishers for selected writers’ work
– Career opportunities in writing
– Writing tips and experiences (both good and bad ones!)
– Writing courses/workshops
– Exchanging of ideas, inspiration and dreams
– Sharing your Works/Poems/Prose
– Writing Events and Competitions
– Post your Writing CV (under FILES)
– Promote your written material/books
– Publishers information
– World of WriteClique networking events
– …and any other writing stuffies!


WriteClique will also be an excellent source for marketers, media partners, agencies and businesses to search for writers for various commercial and non-commercial projects or internships. As this is a pure writers-only forum, plese email the details of all writing projects and jobs to group moderator, Rena Tan at for review and posting approval.


Simply email and tell us in a few words why you’d want to join us. =)

So with that out of the way, if your interest is piqued please hop over to Yahoo Groups and join us here.

For further details of the event, click here for the invite.

We hope to see you there tomorrow.

Au revoir.

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