the singapore dream | my dream (4)

the singapore dream | my dream (3)
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At least that’s how I feel about my past actions. A way, a subtle way to gain attention. It’s not exactly a very positive analysis but then, what is about me? So does this then explain why I engage in the path of deviation? Is that why I chose to do what I did, chose to study what I did? To the world (at least to my countrymen), I’m an Arts/Literature student who is going to teach in the future which is simply infuriating. Must all Literature students teach? It’s not that I look down on teaching. Rather, it’s the stigma of studying Literature or being an Arts student. Ask anyone studying the social sciences or the Arts and I believe you might get the same answer. Nothing is as honored in this country as the Sciences (with their big S).

But I digress.

Studying literature is fun. It’s one of things I like to do actually. In fact I had wanted to major in it right from the beginning when I was enrolled in university but I deluded myself. People around me discouraged me from taking the course simply on the fact that what could I do when I graduate? And me at that point in time was overwhelmed by the materialistic part of me. He simply took over and decided to major in Economics. Nothing could possibly go wrong if you are studying something related to finance right?

To cut the long story short (I’m appalled that it has already gone for 2000 over words already…) I simply took over at at the last minute and switched my major. You could either call me stupid or…I don’t know what. Switching when I’m already halfway through my course. Definitely not a smart move. And accounting for the packed modules that I have to take every semester for the next year, definitely definitely not a smart move. Still I think being stupid has its good points. At least I’m now chasing my dreams instead of running in a hamster wheel. Someday I dream of…knowing how to speak and write in five different languages…of backpacking around the world and immersing in the different cultures…of many many other things that I want to do…

Following your dreams…isn’t that a good move regardless of what others think of you? Even if the world turns against you the journey would be memorable and colorful to say the least. Even if others disprove of you doing something you like, isn’t your passion already reason enough for doing it? My country loves scientists, engineers, researchers, banking etc etc. Do they have a space for writers or for Art? Not for now I guess. You either become a politician or a writer.

Still, I shall struggle for a little longer, run a little further and see where this stretch of the road leads me.


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6 thoughts on “the singapore dream | my dream (4)

  1. I chanced on your blog, and I must tell you, I applaud you for chasing what you want. I graduated with a Arts (philosophy) degree and those years studying philosophy were the best of my life. It gave me a little problem when I was looking for a job, but a lot of my friends from engineering/accounting end up not liking what they studied, and doing something different. I wish now I had taken English or Literature so I could pursue a job in writing for mags. You have a better head start compared to me. 😉

  2. Good luck & all the best fireflower. You know, I like Flame of Recca too. Sadly they decided to discontinue the anime but oh well, I still have the manga.

    Anon>> Thanks for the comment Anon 🙂 I don’t think you are limited by your degree in the choice of writing for magazines however. You can probably start by freelancing for some online portals like I did. Or sign up for a unpaid internship by I-S Magazine. I would like to think that the hiring factor is the type of articles that you can write rather than the degree you have. You can also join us at WriteClique if you want 🙂 It’s a network of local writers/I don’t know what else are there. We are having our first networking party on 21st Dec.

    P.S.: Interestingly enough, it seems a lot of visitors go by “Anon” here. One wonders why haha..

  3. /me slaps Aze with a red smelly sock

    Duh, I was practising my essay-writing skills actually. The end failed to take off I think, probably because I had no mood to craft a proper ending.

    Oh well, I shall attempt another essay again in due time.

  4. Dreams only come true when you wake up. It’s so much nicer just to dream. Well, there are times when you want to go somewhere so badly that you lost your way somehow. Thank goodness for twinkle twinkle little star.

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