Word Forward SG

Word Forward a non-profit organization, is holding another event this December and it’s their last for this year. In tune with the season, they will be holding a Writers Connect Christmas Party Open Mic session at the usual location: The Earshot Cafe, The Arts House. The event starts at 7pm and ends at 9.30pm. Musicians are also welcome to join.

As for whether I will be there, it remains to be seen. Sadly I have yet to attend a single Writers Connect event in the past year since I was involved in a poetry workshop a year ago. So what’s happening again?

Event: Writers Connect Xmas Party Open Mic

Dec 14, The Earshot Café, The Arts House, 7-9.30pm

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2 thoughts on “Word Forward SG

  1. And we all are dreaming under the header of your blog, and the black-and-white image creates a miracle. Is it winter’s landscape or the panorama of the light?

  2. Thanks for dropping my Tomas. Your presence and words are much appreciated since I had spent quite a lot of time deciding on a theme but I still prefer almost monochrome themes best. If only they would import Dark Blix to the themes available.

    Isn’t winter’s landscape a panorama of light as well? 😉

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