Something just piqued my curiousity. Since it’s the holidays I have decided to engage in an anime binge. And these episodes that I’m downloading seems to reach the highest speeds in the middle of the night, like 3-7am. I can hit download speeds of up to 336kB/s, which technically means that a 190mb episode will be done in less than half an hour.

Oh well, I guess you don’t really care right.

Edit: It just came true again. I almost finished downloading 2gigs worth of anime in the night. Sadly, I came home too late to start my torrents.

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4 thoughts on “Bittorrent

  1. Well, Keep in mind I am no expert on this but I can say the simpliest aspect of this which is just simply all phone lines, digial or analog,still run through the phone company. During the day more people use the phone than at night..

    Really,dsl is not that different from dialup. It is just digital signal instead of analog signal.

  2. Hmm, you are probably right Axe. But I do like to think that all my seeders are from the other side of the world and hence faster speeds at night 😉 Both reasons might contribute to the huge boost in speed. However I’m not sure as to whether my speculation is right lol.

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