end zone

I’m sorry if I was away for a looooong time. Circumstances demanded it. Over 6 essays and 2 exams (somewhere in the middle I lost count) do that to people. Or maybe people like me. It seems as if my life revolves around the school now. You know, they were right. Those students.

“NUS students have no life.”
“Weekend? What weekend? There’s no difference to a NUS student.”

I couldn’t agree with them more. Once you are on this ship, there’s no stopping it. Day and night, you need to stand by the ship. Manning the helm, fixated in the crow’s nest, releasing the sails.There’s no break, ain’t there? And right now, this ship I’m in looks like it’s sinking. Is there a bad time to sink? The answer must be a resounding YEEEES!!! When your mate shouts: “Land ho!”

Well, this thorny situation will have only two ends to it, either we sink or we reach the land. What’s more simple than that? Maybe it’ll be fun after all. Maybe…

Bon voyage to you guys starting out! And maybe it’s time to find a new ship when I reach my destination…

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