(c)~Sendako from deviantart

every second that I set my eyes
upon the lovely you
they would go blind
are you then pretty?

every day I see you and
i do get bored at that
but when we don’t meet, I would
wrench over in angst, why not?

every time the rain falls
i would want to stop it
just so to see you smile
what is that feeling?

every time we touch
my heart would lit up incandescently
and I die from shock
am I then
in love?

(picture used with permission ~Sendako from deviantart)

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15 thoughts on “why?

  1. I am poor too haha. Well, the saying do go that way, “Money is not everything” but it seems money is still something after all. Sometimes I’m torn between the material world and the art world…are you?

  2. I have been poor all my life and frankly am unsure how i would handle any great amount of it. Probably end up donating alot of it and keep what i needed to live comfortable.

    For me it is really a matter of principle.It seems like when people get money, they just want more of it and end up selling out to get more of it. I cannot be bought and that is indeed a rare quality in this world.

    I would take being poor and happy, over rich and not knowing who was really is my friend any day of the week. There are many more kinds of wealth other than material items.


  3. I would need to learn how to apply the principles you are seeking about it seems. One knows, one understand but still, one knows not how to apply it.

    Can I be bought? Perhaps, perhaps not. I will never know until it comes to the crunch.

  4. Most certainly principles are like ideals. Something we believe but ultimately must be tested in order to know the truth. I have had these principles all my life yet, I have never really had them tested to any major degree.However, i have had minor temptations which i have overcome so i can feel confident that I would pass any larger scale test.

    It is more of long term thinking which is my guide in this. As an example, when a temptation of material or money comes my way I think to myself “will this benefit me in the long run? Will this make a real difference in my life? Is this something I can remember on my deathbed and be proud of ?”

    I guess this can be called “honor” in a way. Doing something that brings honor to you is not usually very profitable.

  5. If one is to apply your strategy of long-term thinking, then I would be sorely tempted since money definitely benefits me in the long-run. Will it make a real difference? Yes. Is this something I can remember on my deathbed and be proud of? Ambiguous since it depends on what I will do with that money.

    I suppose 42 years of experience changes the way you look at things. I have only 23 in my belt, mayhap it changes for the better. Pragmatism is a way of life in Singapore after all. I have that thinking innoculated in me from pre-school until now. And the media doesn’t do much to elevate that misconception as well. What truly hurts is that I understand the folly of it, yet I am attracted!

    And yes, you are definitely right about honor. It’s not profitable. Thanks for your insight on this, Axe. Most appreciated.

  6. I am NOT 42 yet ! I still have a few more days till my b-day. LOL! At any rate,it not how many years of experience you have but the quality of those years. I have been to heaven and hell in my time here.I guess that could be considered quality! LMAO!

  7. Ah, then I see an early Happy Birthday is in order, Happy Birthday! Does it sound weird hearing it for the 42nd time?

    I must say the quality of my years leaves much to be desired…

  8. Thx for the b-day wish! Probably be the only one I get from someone on the internet.After this many years though it just does not seem so special anymore.Maybe it is just the way I have been feeling lately. The quality of life one experiences, is dependant upon the company one chooses to keep

  9. i was about to write something but when i read the above comments.. hmm..

    i still thought of typing what i have in mind (lol)

    ohh so, aristocrat is this a lovely declaration of love or not?! hmm.. and, have she read this yet? i know she’ll find this a beauty!

  10. Ha, you are more than welcome to voice your thoughts, Velvet. Mmm, is this a declaration of love? Perhaps I guess. I wrote it with no intention to put it under any genre. Your question is also a bit touchy haha. What if I wasn’t writing with “she” in mind? And if I was writing with “she” in mind, I know not whether she will find it a beauty. She is impervious to poetry I think.

    Are you?

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