A straight road of chaos
winding through the insides of her
Burning down the highway
Let’s ride it together
Brave it with acid in our heads

A very impious worm eating up
all that’s inside her yet she can
do nothing except to sit
in that stainless steel chair
bought from Ikea
like their model

And all I could do was to stand there
Holding her hands through all the tears
Whose was it? I no longer know…

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2 thoughts on “Hallucination

  1. this is real sweet…i know lit students are supposed to go beyond “sweet”, “nice” etc. but this one is almost (ahem) immanent. close close.
    i think we need some kind of a standard for free verse. what makes good free verse? or maybe the beauty of free verse is really in its freedom — free to be what the reader wants, as you say.

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