The Birth of A New Page

I always felt that Whispers of A Blue Moon was always too poetry/prose-oriented. I couldn’t seem to post anything that does not feel remotely like a poem or a short story. And if I want to pen down my own thoughts, there was always this pressing need to hide the prosaic with a poetic touch, rendering it unreadable to all except the literally-inclined (yes it’s literally literally).Moreover, art seems to alienate the commonfolk nowadays rather than getting in touch with their sensiblities. People drop in and if they do not understand a particular poem, I think they would just skip to the next blog (I still cannot get over calling a blog a blog, I prefer tomes). And owing to the plentiful supply of blogs out there, it’s a wonder mine gets read at all.

Come to think of it, does readership matter that much to me? Maybe it does, deep down in my subconsciousness. Or maybe it doesn’t, since I’m writing poetry and not those mundane days of my life. You know, the ones that go, “I woke up at 10am today…la dee daa.”

Yes those blogs.

Am I sounding like one of them now? Haahaa, I suppose so then. It would be best to cut down on what I have to say, won’t I? But then, this is only a test post that I’m trying out. So there.

At least, WordPress gives me categories to put my posts in so I don’t mess them up.


5 thoughts on “The Birth of A New Page

  1. Hey there!

    Thanks for visiting, interesting blog you have here…=)

    The thing about being poetic/prose-oriented is that you attract both the intellectuals and the idiots. Why so? Because the intellectuals (forgive me, I’m using this very loosely here) are the ones who can understand and appreciate what you’re writing, and the idiots (and I really mean IDIOTS) are those who haven’t a single clue what the heck you’re writing about but act like they do, simply because they find it oh-so-romantic and worship the ground you walk on. ;P

  2. ohh nice.. this was what i planned over a year ago too.. place everything in wordpress, sadly i had no enough funds to support a non-free host. thus the birth of my “side B” where i place all my mundane “out of place” posts to that of twisted thoughts’..

    congrats on the new home.. just be free and have no restrictions to yourself.. and we, your avid readers will be reading on…

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