Ballerina No More

The sweet tinkling of the little bells
reminiscent of Innocence, lost to us
forever by the pillaging Age
rampant in his devouring rage
and what we see now is nothing
but rust and regret

(picture courtesy of

4 thoughts on “Ballerina No More

  1. reminiscent of innocence is never lost… its actually by some ppl.. forgotten..

    its how u look at things dat one may feel regret but its supposed to be felt as a lesson learnt. not any sort of distress of mind

    (in my own opinion though.. hehe.. )

  2. True, it’s actually forgotten by some people. But for this writer, he misses it at times. Like the Dorothy’s journey through the Land of Oz, he has gone through a catharsis of sorts. But unlike Dorothy, he does not feel that home is where he belongs.

    Thank you for that comment, nizzie. And for dropping by as well.

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